The great Password Manager POLL of 2018

Which password manager are you using on iOS and what is the reason for this? I know 1Password is likely to be the most popular, but it would be interesting to know what other people are using and if anyone is using the built-in password management solution (iCloud Keychain).

  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • Dashlane
  • Keeper
  • IOS/Mac Keychain (built-in password manager)
  • Enpass
  • LogMeOnce
  • Password Boss
  • Sticky Password
  • RoboForm
  • True Key by Intel
  • F-Secure Key
  • Intuitive Password
  • Kaspersky
  • Password Genie
  • Remembear
  • Splashdata
  • Trend Micro
  • Other (wasn’t on the comprehensive list)

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1Password, because it syncs across all of my devices (including Windows), is supported by a lot of apps, allows me to copy/paste for apps that don’t support it, supports more than passwords, allows me to add things (like API Keys), and allows me to share vaults with others.


1Password because I have years of entries invested in it and I found that 1Password 7 is well designed, highly reliable, and very easy to set up for my family and all their devices. I guess that embeds me forever in their product line, but for the security it offers I don’t mind.

It would be nice to be able to give more than one answer. I use 1Password but also use the built in password manager.

1Password because it’s cross-platform and allows me to have multiple vaults for different purposes, including share vaults with family members.

I decided I needed to use a password manager within a month or two of Lastpass getting hacked. This convinced me that 1Password, which let me sync my database through the cloud service of my choice, was the one most worth using. While that’s no longer a top priority, I’ve stuck with 1Password. I’ve looked over the fence at Dashlane once or twice, but I’ve decided there’s a number of reasons I’m happier with 1Password, even if I switch to the subscription service down the road (but I just bought 1Password 7 standalone, so probably not anytime soon)

I was just looking into how feasible it was to switch password managers the other day (more out of curiosity than any desire to leave 1Password ever). This article made it sound pretty reasonable.

Currently using 1P6, till I am forced to make a decision. I have been using 1p for many years. My plans are to give Bitwarden a try to see if it fits my needs.

LastPass. Standardized my companies on it a couple of years ago. Ugly interface but it is cross platform and has great enterprise controls.


I use both LastPass and keychain. Keychain works great when I’m writing my congressperson or signing a petition.

1Password, nonsubscription. I needed to sync between Mac and Windows way back when, before I had an iPhone. Now syncs to iPhone and the ability to have multiple vaults and have shared Dropbox folders means my wife and I can easily share passwords on joint accounts.

I also use it for storage of software keys, credit card info, and any other ID numbers.

1Password. Just checked my records, I have been a very satisfied Mac & IOS customer for a little over 10 years. Upgraded to subscription about a year ago both for the new features such as Travel Model and to support a company that I want to remain successful. It does everything that I need.


SafeInCloud Password Manager. Sync via WebDAV (or many cloud services). Available on all major platforms. Import from many other password managers (comes in handy when you’re already using something else).
After using SplashId for (too) many years, I finally found something that I truely liked. I don’t like subscriptions. I don’t like syncing via services out of my control. And I need it to be available on Mac, Android, and iOS. SafeInCloud was what I was looking for. Highly recommended (and not very well-known it seems).

I never use extensions, but you may be right. On MacOS SafeInCloud has extensions for all major browsers, but probably not on iOS. The App Store says it has a built in browser. Never used that.

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1Password FTW because not only is it a great password manager/creator, the feature I love is Vaults. I’ve got all sorts of certificates, notes, mindless errata, application license numbers, you name it, it can go in there securely, and I can access it anywhere (even if I have to use a filthy windows machine!)

I use Dashlane. It is cross platform and works well for all of my sites. Not sure about whether it will have better integration with apps in iOS12, but the copy and paste function work very well. The sync between my Mac, iPhone, and iPad is very fast. It also has the ability to store secure notes, licenses, Identifications, etc…

Lastpass: purely because I started with it on advice and have never bothered to change: I find it works as well as I need.

Started off on LastPass but now use 1Password. LastPass was not very user friendly especially on mobile, too many buttons to press to get to where you need.

I’ve been trying many password managers lately and having blast with all of them. Bitwarden is a good option especially if you’re coming from LastPass. Bitwarden still has more to go but at the current moment I would go to it before ever going back to LastPass and the free version does what 95% of people need.

I’m also trying out Dashlane which I’m finding to be more user friendly and non-techie friendly too. There is a lot more hand holding on Dashlane compared to 1Password which is great for people who don’t know much about password managers. Even the way it creates new accounts, passwords, and updates them feels nicer than 1Password. The way it shares password is the best and something you don’t get on 1Password unless you have the family plan or higher. Dashlane even gives you a free account that doesn’t sync across devices but works fine for sharing passwords. The password changer is not good, its the way they handle your password is not smart but that is the only downside I can find on them. Well, they do have a limit of 28 characters for the password generator which is stupid.

Keepass is also nice but requires a lot of fiddling which I love to do but not many do. I still use it but for quick access to passwords that I don’t want to fire up 1Password for.

I keep using 1Password as my main account because I trust there security model the most. The secret key is very smart and the extra features like phrase passwords and watchtower is the best around. The way 1Password defaults to saving everything has saved me many times and all the other password managers don’t get this right.

Dashlane, because it has a great UI and app, several major publications rate it #1, it syncs across multiple devices (including Windows), it is the only (I believe) to provide a password changer updates passwords instantly, is supported by a lot of apps, allows me to copy/paste for apps that don’t support it, supports secure notes, payments, IDs, etc., provides security alerts, its strong password generator creates and saves passwords right on the web, and allows me to share passwords with others.

MSecure. No subscription. Purchase once for all computers/phones/iPads.