The Keychron K1 Keyboard

Follow-up post here, since the topic already exists, and is more general than the Keychron.

Mine should arrive today by 10:30 according to Fed Ex. I’ve ordered the PC one for work (we are required to use PC’s) and one for home for my various Apple products. Looking forward to ditching the current keyboard.

There hasn’t been much out there on this keyboard. I’m debating the hexgears X-1

I really like mine so far. The spacing of the keys is slightly different than my old keyboard so I’m making some minor mistakes here and there. I don’t look down at my keyboard when I type so I don’t notice the colors. My co-workers are drawn by the colors.

The feedback from the keyboard as I type is pleasant. I really like it so far.

I’m looking for a keyboard similar to this. Any thoughts now that it’s been a few months? @brian_renshaw did they replace it? @MacSparky are you still using it?

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I ended up embracing the Logitech Craft Keyboard. Will be making a video about that in the future.

Thank you for the update David! @MacSparky

Hello @MagicBrian

I bought the Keychron K1 v4 about 6 weeks ago. I very much am enjoying it. This is my first ever mechanical keyboard. Its fun.

I shared my thoughts here:


Nice. I think dedicated arrow keys are now on my must-have list. I just don’t like having to switch to another layer to move the cursor. It interrupts my train of thought.

Received my Keychron keyboard and I’m immediately a convert. It’s actually enjoyable to type on. It does take a bit to get used to when switching from the magic keyboard but I think it’s a great product for the money.

What’s nice is that is seems to be a nice hybrid between the sleek magic keyboard and the bulky-ness that is the traditional mech-keyboard.

Thanks for this recommendation. I’m excited to check out this podcast.

I concur that the birds are not cheap but, I love Topre switches.

I use a 60% board and it took me about a month before I got used to arrow keys accessed by a function later. I am now just as fast as I was when I had dedicated arrow keys. But, man, that learning transition was rough at first. I can see how it would not work for some.

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Do you use the function layer arrows with modifiers?

I constantly use the arrows with command/option/shift to move by word, select text, etc. I’m very tempted by a hhkb/60% board, but I’m concerned about losing that ability if I need to be holding a third (function) modifier to get the arrows working.

I do use the arrows keys just like you describe using the function key. I try to keep my hands on the keyboard as much as possible so the arrow keys are crucial to my workflow (end/beginning of line, highlight word(s), moving the cursor, and all the keyboard shortcuts I have programmed that involve arrow keys). I have an HHKB and the function key is directly under my right pinky finger. Like I said, it took about a month to get comfortable but, now it is habit.

On a side note, I love the HHKB. I have a newish Das Keyboard but, the size and Topre switches of the HHKB make want to use it over anything else. I am happy to answer any questions you have.

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