The Keychron K1 Keyboard


I’m super intrigued with this keyboard. So much so that I ordered one. I really like the idea of a quality keyboard that can drive iPad AND Mac. I hope it’s not a dud.


I remember seeing the Kickstarter awhile back and was definitely intrigued. I didn’t back it because backing a mechanical keyboard on Kickstarter didn’t seem like the wisest decision but they seem to have kept their promises.

I ordered one yesterday. I’m looking forward to it being Bluetooth and mechanical. I currently have a Das Keyboard that I use when my MacBook is docked. I have the naked keys and absolutely love it. This will probably not replace that keyboard but I’ll keep it at my desk iPad setup. The other nice feature of the Keychron is that you can pair three devices and switch with a button on the side.

Also, if you ever want to listen to a podcast dedicated to mechanical keyboards then check out The Board Podcast

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I’ll be very interested to hear what your experience is like.

I’ve always found my typing to be noticeably more accurate on a “proper” mechanical keyboard, but the key height (compared to the Magic Keyboard) becomes uncomfortable for me after a while. If the Keychron itself is a solid product, this looks like a nice compromise between the two.

Looking forward to your review. I’ve been sitting on my hands and just haven’t taken the plunge into mechanical keyboard. It it works this could fit the bill.

Like @NSUser, my typing is better on a mechanical but my fingers don’t like me after I hammer away for extended periods of time. I’m hoping these half-height switches are the right balance for me.

Also, there is no way I can use this thing while recording shows. The Apple Keyboard will definitely stick around for at least that.

Just got a shipping notice. It seems to be coming from Bahrain. Didn’t expect that.

Did you have it shipped the cheapest route or use any special shipping?

Nope … just the standard shipping. Although I didn’t read the fine print. Maybe standard shipping is “rowboat”.

Truly a "ship"ment.

I’ll show myself out.


Progress! Not sure about it yet. Will report back.


Don’t tease. At least a first impression.

“Not sure about it” seems like less than a rave 1st impression already.

Yeah. That’s my 1st impression

Yes … it is definitely not love at first type. I’m really used to the Apple Keyboard (non laptop variety). Nevertheless, I’m using it for at least a few more days before I render judgment.

I went back to the (now discontinued) wired Apple extended keyboard, but I’m not crazy about it. I had switched to the Das Keyboard 4, which had a great feel/feedback and accouterments (volume knob, transport controls, better-separated Function keys, USB3 hub) but ultimately the cherry-blue switches were a bit too loud for me. (They offer quieter cherry-brown too but I’d bought blue.) I’m just plugging along with the Apple keyboard now, but not with delight.

When I got my iMac Pro, I set it up with the wireless mouse and wireless extended keyboard. I like the keyboard, and haven’t bothered connecting my Keyboardio back up. Still using Dvorak, of course.

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I like Cooler Master keyboards. Not expensive but great quality. I later tried Gateron switches and they are way better than Cherry. But last year I got a Topre keyboard. Nothing comes even close! But they are expensive and it took me some time to get one in Europe.

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Ok. It’s been two weeks. Time for feedback. :grinning:

I’d like to make my keyboard decision here in the next few days. There are a number to choose from and not much info on this one yet.


Sorry Craig. I’m making a video on it but the short version:

  • Bluetooth connection is solid and it’s nice having one keyboard for multiple devices.
  • Half-height switches are different from full height switchs. (mushier in my opinion)
  • Full color RGB backlighting is way too sexy for me.

Well, my Keychron has already failed and will not charge or turn on. Waiting on a response from them.

I have similar thoughts as @MacSparky regarding the half-height and backlighting.

I’ll be sticking with my Das Keyboard Ultimate with naked keys that I’ve been using for the past 6 years. Trying out this keyboard made me realize how much I really love that one.