The last Windows I used

I liked it. If Vista hadn’t been so widely disliked, I’d probably still be a Windows guy.

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A similar story for me. Used XP without any problems. Brought a new PC that came with Vista installed in 2007 and had no end of problems. Sold the PC and got a second hand MacBook Pro from someone I worked with. I’ve been using OSX/macOS from that point on.

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I am using WIndows 10 at work every day and I also have it in a VM on my Mac (just for work stuff). Not getting away from it…

Personally: Windows XP was also the was the last Windows I used.

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Yep Windows XP was rock solid. Then a few slip ups until Windows 10, which I have to use on my work laptop but has overall been pretty good for me.

We bought 18 or 20 Dell XP PCs for data entry work and ran them for at least 10 years. At some point I replaced the CRT monitors with LEDs but rarely had to do anything to the computers except routine patching.

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I stopped using Windows with 1.0, then again at 95.

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Never used 1.0, I went straight from DOS to 3.1. They had to pry me away from my command line :grinning:

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I of course used both Windows and native DOS in that era.

As you recall from that era there was lots of competition for the future of computing. Not at all clear if it was to be IBM with OS2, Microsoft with OS2 for IBM, or Microsoft with Windows for Microsoft, or (longer list that I can’t remember). Unix was out of the question due to all the vendor-fights, of course except for the die-hards, and Linux hadn’t been invented yet (as I remember, but might be wrong).


As much as I hate too, I use Bootcamp to boot Windows 10 so I can play Train Simulator 2021.


Nothing wrong with your memory. Linux didn’t show up until '91.


The last Windows I used for a personal device was Windows 2000. Got a Mac and never looked back.

Having said that Window 7 and Windows 10 have been pretty solid at work. But they’re not a patch on macOS

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I liked XP. It seems Windows does well, or okay, on every other operating system.

ME, no. XP, yes, it was solid, Vista, I did not like. Widows 7, yes it worked well. 8 and 8.1, it was okay… I really don’t remember a whole lot about it. Windows 10… Once you overcome its quirks is tenable.

In XP days I was longing for a Mac and was wanting to switch.

I can proudly say that I have never owned a PC, and no Windows version has ever darkened my door.

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I have 10 on my gaming laptop. It’s pretty good. Still Windows though. Always a little fussy.

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Right now I have Windows 10 on my work laptop…and, to be honest, Windows became really good. No bluescreens, not “that weird”. That said: just because of Spotlight, I’ll stick to macOS. And other 999 reasons.


Windows XP was my last too until I moved into my first MacBook (white) in 2007. Prior to that, I’ve used Macintosh from PowerPC era up to a PowerPC G5 at work.

Fell in love with a G3 at my internship in 2001 but couldn’t afford a Mac. So it took me a few years until my PC gave up. That force me to buy a MacBook since I have a paid gig that I need to finish.

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I switched to the Mac in 2006 (with the introduction of the first Intel MacBook). So, the last Windows I really used at home was Windows XP.

At work, I am quite current and still living in a Windows Server 2016 and Win 10 20H2 environment.

I switched in 2006 because I was sick and tired of dealing with drivers, registry and support issues with connected hardware. The Mac looked nice (yes, the looks of it :slight_smile: ) and I thought: give it a try. :slight_smile: If I fail using MacOS, I can use the MacBook as a PC. :laughing: That were my thoughts back then. I never even booted my PC up again in 2006 after I had that MacBook. I was amazed of the ease of use on the Mac. I was flabbergasted how nice the developer community was and how much support I received if I really had an issue. Since then, I consider myself a Mac guy, even now when I still have to work with Windows.

P.S. To my mind, Windows has improved significantly since 2006 regarding my issues I had back then. But still, I am happy being in the Mac camp at home. Very happy. Sorry for sort of going off on a tangent here…


Got sick of dealing with drivers and registries too. As a person who can fix common PC problem (hardware/software) for my friends and family, mine is always problematic :)) so its best to switch to Mac since that’s what I use at work.


In the early 90s I only used Macs for work, as I was working as a journalist and that was the standard kit. I couldn’t dream of having one at home because it was way out of my price range.

While studying, I only used Windows in my university library where I’d go to connect online. In our labs we worked on Unix machines (Sun) and NEXTcube workstations.

I got a second hand PC in around 2002 and I soon deleted Windows and installed Linux. This was my first and last PC, and I used Windows XP for about a week before reformatting it! After learning to program on a Unix system, Windows was a horrid experience.

Then, after that I moved back to Macs for good - as after finishing my PhD I got a job that allowed me to afford one.

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Windows Vista was my last version because I bought a new PC at the time. Vowed to never buy a PC again, bought a MacBook Pro around 2010, and the rest is history.

Windows Vista had been largely fixed by SP2, but by then, Windows 7 was out, and it was too late to grab my attention again.