The Mac Pro page on seems to be blank

Did I miss something? The page is blank for me (in Safari).

Shows up fine for me (Safari on iOS).

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It’s Apple’s newish, bizarro page rendering, in which you need to constantly scroll down, yielding moving graphics.

Just a blank page for me. Scrolling doesn’t help.
The site works on Firefox though. Hm.

Same here: a blank black page on iOS 12 (iPad Pro 12 inch).

Maybe, they messed something up in their content distribution network.

Works fine for me on the iPad 12.9. Though it’s a painful reminder of how outdated the Mac Pro has become …

It’s working on my iPad Pro.
The Mac Pro really is a beautiful machine.
Hopefully it will get a spec bump and not replaced with something that isn’t engineered as well.
I was surprised to see they are assembled in the USA too.

Based on what Apple said at the Mac Pro roundtable back in 2017 a simple spec bump for the current machine isn’t really possible due to thermal issues. They’re pretty clearly working on an all-new design. That said, based on how long they’re taking with this redesigned version (2+ years at this rate) they’re don’t seem to be just throwing something together. My guess is it will be exquisitely engineered and priced to match.

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