The MX Master 3 "for Mac"

Hey folks! Does anybody know what the difference is between the regular MX Master 3 and the MX Master 3 “for Mac”?

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

  • The MX Master 3 for Mac includes a USB-C to USB-C cable, while the standard MX Master 3 includes a USB-C to USB-a cable.
  • The MX Master 3 for Mac does not include a wireless dongle.

I have two remaining questions:

  1. Does the MX Master 3 work reliably without the wireless dongle?
  2. Some reviews have implied that the original MX Master 3 didn’t work well on a Mac, but that the Mac version works better. Is this true? It didn’t ring true to me, but I obviously want to buy the “correct” version of this mouse.

I have the standard mx3 and had issues when trying to use bluetooth only, especially with flow.
Can’t speak of the Mac specific version I’m afraid.


This is my confusion. I would have assumed they were the same mouse with a new paint job, and that sacrificing the little dongle for a paint job and some marketing gimmicks is a mistake.

It sounds like sacrificing the dongle is a mistake, but I am unsure if it is otherwise the same mouse.

I suspect it’s because they don’t have a USB-C dongle yet and most macs now don’t have USA-A. Maybe?

Maybe Logitech can answer your questions directly:

Not if my experiences are anything to go by :joy:

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Thanks for the link! I just checked out the FAQ for the MX Master 3 for Mac and see nothing on this topic, but it was worth trying.

It looks as though it’s the same product without the dongle and with a different USB cable and paint job, but who knows. I might just send them an email. Thanks!

I’ve an MX 3 (regular flavour) which I use with my MBP via bluetooth and with a windows machine via the dongle. Reliability seems ok. Occasionally the scrolling stops responding or the extra button under your thumb stops doing its thing but clicking the mouse off & on again solves that. It’s not a frequent issue, maybe once a month. Should note that I don’t use “flow” or many other fancy features. I’ve got the button under the thumb assigned to bring up mission control & that’s it.

Logitech’s site has a comparison chart, though I’m not sure I’d put much faith in it. According to the tick chart the regular version doesn’t have ‘smart shift’ though the product page for it says that it does. Link here if you fancy a look:,13326

I use the MX Master 2s on my MacBook Pro with bluetooth, no problem. If I had a desktop with a free USB A port I might use the dongle, and many people swear by using the dongles over bluetooth, but I’m perfectly happy with bluetooth.

Having the cable be usb C on both ends for charging would be nicer.

I bought the set of the „Keys for Mac“ Keyboard and „MX Master 3 for Mac“ last week (Amazon deal); I can check the Box Tomorrow for the content.

I currently use it with the dongle, which is USB-C. However I took it from the Keyboard case. This was due to laziness when booting for when I’m switching between macOS and Bootcamp with the dongle attached to my Ultrafine monitor. So far it has been working flawlessly - and I haven’t even tried Bluetooth connection yet.

Let me know if Inshould Test something specific?

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I use an MX Master 3 and have never used the usb dongle. It’s in a bag some where. I have had no issues using BT only.

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Thanks everybody for your responses; this has been very helpful!