The "New" Evernote experience

So, I’ve been playing with the “new” Evernote web editor. Even on my iPad it seems pretty good. It doesn’t have everything, but it seems VERY fast, if they can do the same thing when ever they update the iOS app, I may go back. Not gonna lie, I still have love in my heart for Evernote.


I’ve noticed on the Evernote for Mac that it automatically converts Markdown-style links, i.e. , to Evernote hyperlinks. Perhaps it means they’re finally adding Markdown support.

It’s been a very confidence-building turn of events with Evernote, the new CEO has been really great. They’ve been putting in a ton of work in the foundations of the platform, which has put a huge emphasis on consistent user experience across all platforms and improving note taking experience.

I’ve been a user for about 9 years, and a premium user for at least 8 years. Evernote has had its ups and downs (Evernote socks, anyone?) but they are really pouring it on this year and I’m excited to see what’s to come in 2020.

Good to know. I have never found anything I like quite as well as Evernote, although I worry about information lockin.

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Was an Evernote user and fan from the start.
Too many burns, too many issues, too fickle…

Not for me