The new MailPilot. I like it

If this new Mailpilot represents the new “Neumorphic” look then count me in as a fan. I like the absence of clutter and the highlights.

I’m currently using Airmail which entices me with the baubles and what not but email is becoming a chore to integrate into any workflow that I see value in. I’m going to take a test drive and see if the functionality is enhanced by the more simplistic interface and does it provide enough integration with my other apps to form a cohesive system.

I swear i’m an email vagabond

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Only IMAP?

(No Exchange?)

No iOS client, from the looks of it.

No idea, you can check the website.
I did a cursory look to see what the UI looks like and if they feed on our privacy.

Looks beautiful! It feels like it was made to match the aesthetic of Things 3

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Looks like the management system it’ll be using doesn’t quite fit with how I want to work with my emails, but super glad something like this exists (or will soon). I’m keen to try it out anyway.

Looks like it:

Native macOS app • Works with all standard IMAP email servers • Your email stays on your device, no third-party servers used.

What’s their business model? (I think they used subscriptions for their previous version)

yep, the same question I was asking myself… no hint on the website

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I haven’t tried it, but I believe Exchange servers can be accessed with POP and/or IMAP. perhaps limited to mail and not contacts, etc.

Get as many users as you can, then go subscription…

It’s as bad as free samples in the supermarket.

I’m assuming this died the death. Website seems stuck in 2020…

I requested for invite earlier this year, from what I remember they use subscription and the price is high (IIRC >USD5/mo). I cannot find the invitation email, so I cannot recheck it.

Yes, it’s subscription. I got my beta invite months ago but I was asked to enter my credit card details even for a free / beta trial, which entailed remembering to cancel for a product I was just testing and seeing if it could work for me… I then said “no thank you” and moved on.

Last tweet was Nov 12, 2020.
Not a good sign.

Last update was 20 days ago, and they are looking for a dev. App lives but maybe the development is just a little slow.

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I got my invitation a couple of days ago - subscription is $6.67/month $67.99/year or $249 lifetime, with a 7-day free trial.

But you have to enter payment details to start the trial, so that’s a “no” from me. To be fair, I very much doubt that there would be anything to tempt me to pay a sub for a Mac mail client, even if it works (hello, Airmail, I’m looking at you), since both Apple Mail and Spark do a decent job for free and MailMate does an excellent job for not a lot. The MailPilot site doesn’t show anything compelling enough for me to be likely to change may minds, so the faff of subscribe/unsubscribe to trial something I’m unlikely to want doesn’t appear worthwhile

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Mail Pilot seemed promising when I tried it but it was nowhere near ready (September 2020). Since then I did not hear anything really exciting and thus keep using MailMate. But if they manage to finish the app and its iOS counterpart, I will definitely check it out.