The new MailPilot. I like it

If this new Mailpilot represents the new “Neumorphic” look then count me in as a fan. I like the absence of clutter and the highlights.

I’m currently using Airmail which entices me with the baubles and what not but email is becoming a chore to integrate into any workflow that I see value in. I’m going to take a test drive and see if the functionality is enhanced by the more simplistic interface and does it provide enough integration with my other apps to form a cohesive system.

I swear i’m an email vagabond

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Only IMAP?

(No Exchange?)

No iOS client, from the looks of it.

No idea, you can check the website.
I did a cursory look to see what the UI looks like and if they feed on our privacy.

Looks beautiful! It feels like it was made to match the aesthetic of Things 3

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Looks like the management system it’ll be using doesn’t quite fit with how I want to work with my emails, but super glad something like this exists (or will soon). I’m keen to try it out anyway.

Looks like it:

Native macOS app • Works with all standard IMAP email servers • Your email stays on your device, no third-party servers used.

What’s their business model? (I think they used subscriptions for their previous version)

yep, the same question I was asking myself… no hint on the website

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I haven’t tried it, but I believe Exchange servers can be accessed with POP and/or IMAP. perhaps limited to mail and not contacts, etc.

Get as many users as you can, then go subscription…

It’s as bad as free samples in the supermarket.