The Official Apple Event Streaming Thread


Yes, it does indeed.


Good morning! How are people setting up to do this, I am going to stream to my Mac and use my iPad for this thread


Am I the only one who doesn’t get the excitement for a company announcing yet another incremental update to their line of phones?


You guys ready for this?


I am afraid you are. :sunglasses:


For me, it’s about how they tell the story.


Bring the popcorn :popcorn:.


I have not owned an iPhone since the 3GS, so I get it, but I need to be in date for questions over the next day or two as the “computer guy” and this thread got my up at 3am else I would have just got up later and watched a replay


Yeah I wish I had remembered snacks


Let’s do it… I am ready.


Ready for this …


One very orange screen to not hurt my eyes, lets do this



Got that mission impossible vibe going, nice


Did Tim Cook just troll us all with his tweet?


You can see the advantage of keeping there own theatre, this would have been way easier to film then like the google io sky diving stunt from a few years back


Those clickers cost like $300, not something to be laughed at


African-American woman is just the messenger, white guy gets to interact with Cook.


I like that original mac image at the beginning.


It was nice, likeletting us know that they have not forgotten there roots


“Two of our most personal devices”

So I’m guessing no Macs or iPads today.