The Official Apple Event Streaming Thread



I thought it’d be fun to live post to this thread during the Apple Event tomorrow. If you’ll be watching, feel free to join in. Katie and I will be recording a show right after so it’d be fun to see your thoughts and reactions.



@MacSparky, thanks!
Will join the thread during the event.


So I checked that the event is at 3am here, now to figure out how to watch without my wife killing me


I usually feel that pain (the 3am part) but I’m in Canada atm so for the first time get to watch in daylight hours :smile:


I’ll be watching on twitter and posting on here! It’ll give me a break from watching all the hurricane updates! (SC coast here!)




A man!!! I guess I’ll have to settle for Top 10… :smirk:


Just checking (hello, international timelines) - the event starts on the next hour, right? As in, about 40 minutes to go? Correct?


Yes, it does indeed.


Good morning! How are people setting up to do this, I am going to stream to my Mac and use my iPad for this thread


Am I the only one who doesn’t get the excitement for a company announcing yet another incremental update to their line of phones?


You guys ready for this?


I am afraid you are. :sunglasses:


For me, it’s about how they tell the story.


Bring the popcorn :popcorn:.


I have not owned an iPhone since the 3GS, so I get it, but I need to be in date for questions over the next day or two as the “computer guy” and this thread got my up at 3am else I would have just got up later and watched a replay


Yeah I wish I had remembered snacks


Let’s do it… I am ready.


Ready for this …