The Official Apple Event Streaming Thread

Those clickers cost like $300, not something to be laughed at

African-American woman is just the messenger, white guy gets to interact with Cook.


I like that original mac image at the beginning.


It was nice, likeletting us know that they have not forgotten there roots

“Two of our most personal devices”

So I’m guessing no Macs or iPads today.

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I am not so sure, because of the Mac imagery at the beginning, but it’s quite possible

I know. boo!
But still watching…

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Office potluck today. I brought my plate of seconds/dessert into my office to watch the keynote. :yum:

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Will the Apple Watch still be limited to only pairing with a iPhone or will it come to the iPad for us cross platform guys?

Always done that, no?

That complication still looks wayyyy to busy

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was that a heartbeat at the end of dramatic music?

I like the idea of a bigger screen … but all those bands!?

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Inching ever closer to a world where devs can make there own watch faces…

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What live blog do people use? i can’t stand the commentary on the verge.

Does this forum count?


Cool watch, almost makes me want to wear one for the first time since my Swatch days :slight_smile:

I still don’t like the Apple announcement lingo, what is 50% louder, I have never listened to a series 3 speaker so I have no point of reference, say 50% but then add a point of reference like that’s now 50db.

detect a fall? Okay, now we’re talking. Would love to get this for my dad!


Why is the fall explanation fascinating to me?

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