The Official Apple Event Streaming Thread

I’m not sure I like the fall detector as a rock climber…

unfortunately me too

Apple Genius: did you drop this watch?
User: no I had a “fall”
Apple Genius: that’s not what the watch detected

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I am not the biggest fan of the watch auto dialing emergency services, sure it saves some people, but surely it junks up the system with butt dial equivalents. I would love to see data on the rate of false positives


always use endgadget live stream URL

Note: link for those stuck at the office & can’t live stream

i’m so here for the thinner and more screen realestate & better complication watch!!

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Fall detection sounds pretty cool. Especially for older folks and people with certain health conditions.

a neighbor survived 5 days on the floor

I think that’s about 5db.

I’m thinking about my sister (a heart attack survivor) and the new Apple Watch.


another fried has had huge problems with a fib

Can a not cellular watch make and take phone calls? (assuming your iPhone is nearby)

anyone else having a problem with the video stream? Maybe it’s just me…

I occasionally am getting compression artefacts but otherwise it’s been fine

The stream is working fine for me.

It must be fun to make these videos

well plotted promotion

Thankfully all bands still work!!!

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Rene Richie can breathe a sigh of relief at that.

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I’m not sure what that means … bands will work. Will there be a 1MM gap on each side?

Cellular Apple Watch available in Italy. Federico will be happy.

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