The OmniFocus Field Guide, 3d Edition


I’ve been in my screencasting cave all month but I finally get to come out. I’ve now published the OmniFocus Field Guide, 3d Edition just in time for the OmniFocus 3 for Mac release later today.

This Field Guide ended up 5.5 hours, which is bananas, but I feel like there is a lot of good stuff in there. Now only how to use the app but a lot of talk of systems and “why” as well.

It’s at an introductory price of $24. If you bought the exising one in 2018, I’ll give you a free update. Just send me proof of purchase.


Instant buy!!

Thank you for doing this!

I bought the field guide and have started the first few chapters. I noticed an issue with the audio and video getting out of sync. The audio continues but the image seems to freeze; if I move the cursor with the track pad, then the video wakes up. Anyone else notice this or is it me?

Beside this, I really like how it looks!


I’m not seeing anything like that watching in Safari my iPad. What browser/OS are you using?

I am on Safari and an iMac, 10.13.6. I have high speed internet–maybe it’s that? Or wireless?

I’m in, will purchase tonight!


Send me a note. I’d like to get to the bottom of that.

Am I right in assuming that the new course contains new approaches and ideas to setting up OmniFocus (I bought the December 2015 edition)? Could someone elaborate a bit on that? :slight_smile: I guess templates for project automation and tags are discussed in the 3rd edition?

@macsparky spends quite a bit of time in the new edition talking about different approaches to setting up and using OmniFocus (tag based, flag based, defer date based, etc.). Some of this discussion is threaded throughout the field guide, but he also has dedicated videos talking about half a dozen different approaches.

There’s about half an hour of video on automation and 45 minutes on tags.

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Yup. I tried to focus a lot more on not just “how”, but also “why” with this one.


Thanks, I’m in :slight_smile: Happy to watch the new Field Guide videos next weekend and get some new inspiration.

I’ve spent the past few days binge-watching it, and it is AMAZING. Very, complete without being overwhelming. More than a guide on the 3rd edition, it is full of great advice on setting up your system. Best Field Guide ever.

Aww shucks. Thanks. Making that really was a labor of love.