The pain of WWDC recaps on every podcast

Every time Apple has a show, the following week, all podcasts become one… After I listen to Mac Power Users, I cannot listen to any more podcasts until everyone does their obligatory wwdc recap and gets back to “regularly schedule programming”. I am having to actually listen to music while I ride my bike… the horror of wasted time and productivity. :grinning:

Am I the only one?


I find that the Apple-related podcasts I listen to (MPU, Upgrade, Connected, Cortex, ATP, and Under the Radar) each have a unique enough take on WWDC that I get something out of all their episodes.

Even where hosts overlap (Stephen on MPU and Connected, Marco on ATP and Radar, and Myke on Upgrade, Connected, and Cortex) they do a good job of presenting views that are sufficiently distinct and appropriate to that particular show.


I’m with Chris… I like hearing the various “takes” after WWDC, especially once people start to find little things that we didn’t hear about right away.

I’m much less… I don’t even know what the word is… “enthused” perhaps… about the shows that start talking about WWDC rumors way before WWDC. By the time WWDC is almost here, I’m usually pretty tired of all of the speculation, the “Here’s what we hope will happen at WWDC” stuff and the “Here’s what we know won’t happen at WWDC but wish would” and the “Here are rumors about what’s going to happen at WWDC stuff according to some blog from someone whose cousin’s sister’s boyfriend’s uncle heard from a guy.”

All of which is to say that, before WWDC, I have to stop listening to ATP for awhile.

IMO, Upgrade and (obviously) Connected both do a good job of making the “What might happen at WWDC?” much more interesting than most other shows.


ATP is my guilty pleasure. I listen to them to get all the negativity of anything Apple does but I find the other podcasts all just tread the same turf. There may be some small differences in the takes but unless it’s something I am excited about (which wwdc had nothing this year), I am just write the week off…


I’ll add that I find Connected to bring a smile or laugh to me more often than other tech podcasts. The hosts can be downright funny at times. Connected is fun to listen to. :slight_smile:


lol we differ on this. I enjoy the excitment in the rumor run-up to wwdc. this year, it was a lot more fun than that nearly two hour snoozefest of a keynote Apple pumped out.

Yeah, I apparently reached my ATP-complaint-quota earlier this year and stopped listening entirely for several months until the WWDC episode.

I think my breaking point (straw that broke the camel’s back) was when they spent an hour talking about the AirPods Max before they had even shipped.

A friend once suggested that ATP needs (sub)chapter markers for each host’s take on a specific topic. I laughed it off at the time, but the idea has grown on me.

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you can just fast-forward through Marco… we all do it. :grinning:


The problem is that I like to listen live, but I’ve broken myself of that habit, so maybe I can go back to Audio Hijacking it,

And I never said who I found intolerable.

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No. I listened to MPU and started to listen to others I follow but didn’t get far on any of them. Most had their praise turned up to 11 and listening was like trying to drink pancake syrup.

We definitely work hard to make this the case. The shows’ different personalities help too.


I listen to MPU and Gruber’s two podcasts for WWDC news, and then after that I’m grateful for the opportunity to catch up on my backlog of non-Apple podcasts. Which goes back slightly less than a year — I seem to be catching up at a rate of about 2 days per week.


I actually stopped listening to ATP because of the excessive vitriol thrown at Apple.
After Marcos last jab at Apple I stopped my subscription to Overcast.
I love the positive atmosphere at MPU and it’s the reason for it being my fav Apple pod.

But my general fav has to be “The Greatest Generation”! A Star Trek podcast. Ben and Adam are the best!


I like Marco’s take. As someone who isn’t yet a developer on any Apple platform his perspective is different from mine - and so interesting.


Nope, you’re not the only one. But my podcast time is limited and there are so many things I want to listen to anyway (and I watch keynotes as they happen, as well as several developer sessions). My Apple coverage is everything MPU - which I love dearly, and the positivity is so great to listen to, even more now with @ismh on board - and indeed the John Gruber episode when he has important Apple folks. Done. (Anyway, I could tolerate exactly one episode of ATP in my whole life.)

No. After WWDC I don’t listen to podcasts for ~2 weeks. I saw the keynote, no need to ruminate on the same content on 20 podcasts. 90% overlapping.


well, if it’s the only week a year you listen music, just enjoy your music :wink:

I’ve recently gone the other way on Connected. I find it too silly (the Emoji description thing) or not providing enough variance with my other podcasts. It’s only happened relatively recently, but the second time they did the emoji thing was the first time I can remember skipping anything on Connected, since then I’ve become less interested, relegating it to a non favourite in Overcast, then away from my primary queue, and now I’m not subscribed. I used to listen to it as soon as it came out.

I love that Myke, Stephen and Federico have so much fun making Connected and it’s their choice to, but for some reason I fell out of love with it. Each to their own.

Not me, I like all three of their takes. They’re all considered opinions, even if I don’t agree with them.


Or the one(s) that have episode after episode after episode with wishlists. Mostly with things that seem to be only needed in Italy.