The Photo’s App on my I-Pad and Mac Book

A few questions:

  1. If I save photos and changes to these photos to I-Cloud, shouldn’t the exact same photo’s be in all my IOS devices?
  2. Why does my I-phone and I-Pad have a different picture photo count if both save to I-Cloud?
  3. Is the Mac Book Pro photo’s app a completely different operating program than his IOS brothers?
  4. Do I always have to save my photo’s to a “hosting” physical computer?

But the biggest question: when I edit a photo’s in my I-Pad and save to I-Cloud > why when I open up the photo program in my Mac Book Pro why does it take these changed photo’s and return them to the original form?

Could it be a problem with your iCloud configuration, @dan1946? I am not experiencing such issues. Perhaps you could try to log in and out in iCloud in your iPad and Mac (although be aware that it has some side effects and that you will need a long time and a good internet connection to re-download everything). An easier approach would be to double check whether iCloud Fotos is switched on in both your iPad and your Computer (sorry if you have already checked it).