The poor Dashboard

Admittedly, I didn’t use the Dashboard for too much, but I have to say I really miss the Dashboard Calculator that I could just hotcorner so fast always. I’m wondering what people have been using–perhaps something that lives in the menubar?

I switched over to using SideNotes to replace Stickies, and I kind of miss (this is super hokey) the tarot widget heh.

I also miss having all my time zone clock widgets.

Replacement suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Quick Calculator

I use Alfred for quick math… ⌥ + Space (or whatever your Alfred trigger is) and type = followed by whatever basic math you want to do:

For anything more substantial, I fire up Soulver.

Time Zones

I don’t often need this, but if I did, there’s a free menu bar app called There which is probably what I would use.

I think iStat Menus also has the ability to add other time zones to the drop-down from the clock if you use that.



And don’t forget Soulver’s Alfred Workflow!


I don’t even need to type = before my calculation, and hitting return puts it on my clipboard which is very handy.


I’m a fan of the time zone feature in iStat Menus as well. Among other things, I like that this and other menus can be triggered and navigated using the keyboard.

Launchbar also has the instant calculation feature, just trigger it and start typing.

Also using iStat menus for world clock.

Yep. I use Alfred for both of these cases.

…and press “return,” and calculator comes up


Spotlight does math, no need to enter “=” first, just type “7*(9-2)” and get an answer, or hit return to take you to

There’s also a Calculator widget in Notification Center you can use.

Here’s a little app that puts multiple timezone clocks in the menu bar.

And a calculator:

Both Google and DuckDuckGo will return the calculated result when you “search” for an expression, and when the result is shown an on-screen calculator is provided. Google’s calculator keeps a tape of results.

Very handy.


(Screenshot also demonstrates why the “About xxxx results” message is nonsense, in my opinion.)

I missed the World Clock widgets, too, and just added them to the Notification Center. It doesn’t have all the cities I need, but I just pick something close, like Canterbury for Sandwich. You can put the calculator there, too.

For the calculator, you can add the Apple Calculator app widget in the Today/Notification Center. It works great for easy calculations.

If you need more power, get PCalc. It has a widget for the Today/Notification Center that can be any kind of calculator you need (e.g., scientific, engineering, etc.).

You might put the calculator or PCalc in your dock for easy access.

You might consider assigning a system-wide hotkey to the calculator or PCalc so you can launch it with a keystroke whenever you need it. This is easy to do with tools like Keyboard Maestro or BetterTouchTool (BTT). With BTT, you can also add an icon to the TouchBar on MacbookPro computers, so you could fire it up that way.

Does PCalc have a widget for iOS 14? It appears to have one in the preview section of the App Store but it doesn’t show up on my phone. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: looks like Twitter has my answer. It’s gone.