The Ridge Wallet

Anyone have The Ridge wallet? Really tempted to getting one.

Yep. Love it. Very minimal in your pocket.

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I just purchased the leather one. Thinking it would be less likely to scratch a screen in the same pocket. I love it. Pricey, buy great. Lifetime warranty and you can add an AirTag on the strap!

Got one this past Christmas. I really like the size although I have the money clip for cash and I don’t really like using it. To be fair, I don’t use cash ever but it’s a pain when I do.

Also, I used to be able to tap my old wallet against the door to get into work but of course the Ridge is RFID blocking so that does not work. Just a silly little inconvenience. Overall highly recommend!

I won a carbon fiber one in a giveaway. I still carry my Belroy Note Sleeve most of the time, but I like the Ridge for travel.

I’ve had an imitation version for just over 5 years and still very happy with it. The product listing on Amazon is gone now.

Yes, absolutely love it. I have the burnt titan option for a few years now as everyday carry on. Wear and tear, aka scratches added over time, add character. Still tempted to get the AirTag accessory, but haven’t had the chance yet.

Swap the clip for the cash strap and it is thinner. You might be able to put the card for work under the strap to access your work items or there is a quick draw card option that puts a card on the outside of the two sides of the wallet.

I had a co-worker raving about them a couple years back, so I bought one. The quality seems great, but I can’t stand it. I’ve carried a leather trifold wallet so long, I just could not get use to the change.

Now I use it for my work cards that only come out when traveling, so it stays in my work bag.

I actually switched to an apple magsafe wallet a couple years ago. The ridge is a supplement for things like work. If I travel the 3 cards can be a hindrance with the magsafe wallet.