The “Secret Scroll”

I was today years old about learning the spacebar to scroll up and down. Thank you @Bmosbacker !

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As a recent MacOS user, it is absolutely new to me, and I will put it to good use. Thanks for the tip. :slightly_smiling_face:

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System pref/ general


It’s a nice feature indeed

another scroll related trick is using shift+mouse scroll wheel to scroll horizontally if you don’t have a magic mouse / trackpad handy

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It is pretty much in all operating systems.

Awesome! Didn’t know of shift + spacebar. I like using j and k where supported (which is a lot across the web these days) to go navigate lists.

  • Gmail
  • Discourse
  • Twitter
  • Reddit
  • GitHub

Another magic shortcut I’m not aware of. Thanks for sharing - and welcome to the group :slight_smile:

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99% of my Discourse forum browsing is j and k. You can keep tapping down past the end of the posts into the list of suggested and unread topics, and then hit o to open one.

Wow I had no idea Discourse had these keyboard shortcuts! Just tried hitting R to reply and that worked too!

Well, it looks like the post was worthwhile after all. :slight_smile: I also did not know about the shortcuts for Discourse.


yes, j and k, an old keystroke shortcut from my vi days … I had forgotten that one! Thank you for the reminder :slight_smile:


I knew about the scroll down trick but had completely forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder.
The scroll up is new to me.

Many thanks.

Discourse has a very extensive list of keyboard shortcuts. You can click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines in the upper right corner between the search icon and your profile picture) then click “Keyboard Shortcuts” to get an overlay showing them.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t show up on iOS/iPadOS, despite the fact that the keyboard shortcuts themselves work just fine on an iPad with an external keyboard. So, here’s a screenshot:


This applies to a number of things on iOS / iPadOS with a keyboard. If it works on a Mac, try it on iOS. You might be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:

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This might make those interested very happy:

Saka Key

Very much worth the learning curve, IMHO.
I use it with Firefox Developers Edition and Vivaldi.
Wish something similar would be released for Safari, which is blazing fast.
I fear 2021 will bring a lot of WASM-based attacks. Safari, with its in-configurability, will probably stay the safer of the browser would this materialize.
Saka Key has a companion extension, “Saka”, which is also helpful.
Wish you all a great, safe, happy new year.

@Bmosbacker Same, just learned recently about the Shift-Spacebar one

Sharing two other new favorites:

Cmd-Up scrolls to the Top of the page
Cmd-Down scrolls to the Bottom of the page

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@Bmosbacker – I did not know this either! Thanks for sharing (I do hate when snarky people say “Duh, how could you not know that” on this forum, so thanks for being “brave” and pointing out a tip that MANY of us are now benefitting from!!!) :smile:


Here is all of them. :slight_smile:

Just dealt with a know-it-all like that yesterday (not on this forum though). :roll_eyes:

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I didn’t know so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!