The “Secret Scroll”

I am probably the only one on this forum who was unaware of this feature but on the off hand chance that at least one other person is not aware of it; I thought I would share it.

There’s an easy way to scroll built right into your keyboard: Just press the spacebar with your browser open and you’ll move down the page.

To scroll back up, press Shift + spacebar.

You can use this trick in every web browser on both Windows 10 and macOS.


This works a lot of other places besides web browsers. Using the space bar to go forward a screen goes back at least as far as the Unix more command (1978) if not further so it’s made it’s way into lots of software.

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I have known that for years now. Not really a revolutionary concept to me. :sweat_smile:

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I figured that was the case for most here, but if there is just one besides me … my humiliation will be worth it. :slight_smile:


Honestly, this is what makes the MPU group great. The willingness to share potentially common or uncommon tips. There’s always a new or easier way to do something and that way we can all get better.


I was not aware of it. Just like a lot of things. Thanks for exposing this to me.


I wasn’t aware of this. Thank you @Bmosbacker for sharing this :+1:


Glad to know I’m not the only one. Makes me feel a bit better. :grin:


I had no clue about this part though.


What really bugs me about scrolling is that macOS hides the scroll bar unless you are moving. In some of the System Preference windows, it makes it look like they’re are not any more options.

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Over the years I occasionally learned new things about programs, etc. from users that were barely capable of using email. I’d thank them for the information and try to give them credit when I taught it to someone else. My job was always easier when the users shared information among themselves.

Your “humiliation” is of benefit to a lot of us. :wink:





It’s one of those things I did but didn’t know how and it always bugged me. Thanks for sharing!


Curious where you are seeing this behavior. I personally have the scroll bar always visible (System Preferences / General). Probably a left-over comfort feeling from my Windows day!?

The Privacy Pane does it in the list of app permissions.

I have been a Mac user since the 1980s and never knew this. Thanks for sharing it. (It also works on Safari on iPad OS.) Truth be told, my muscle memory is such that I probably won’t use this function even though I now know it exists. Just like many things. LOL

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I never knew this- thanks for sharing

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Just to add to that tip, you can use it on iPad Pro with physical keyboard in Safari. Also other applications support it, like Discourse iOS app.

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What about Fig?

You’re making me miss Aqua. :slightly_frowning_face:

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