How do you access MPU? Shout out to Fig IOS app

It had been many years since I had last been following regularly any discussion board / Internet forum in their traditional format. I had mainly moved to twitter threads, subreddits or even discord / slack communities.
But recently, I discovered an IOS app called Fig which turns the experience of finding and following discourse communities into a delightful one.
It makes a great job of curating boards by category, let you follow discussions as single-page threads, memorize your last reading position and let you accurately set how you would like to get notifications on posts updates.
Thanks to this app , I re-discovered MPU and I am glad for it as I found a lot of interesting nuggets of knowledge in the weeks I have been coming here daily.
So on one side, shout out to Fig developer for delivering such experience , on the other side , I am curious: are you checking MPU directly from your browser or do you also use indirect means to read / engage on conversations here?


I was using my browser. But recent improvements in Fig, such as showing the unread and new counts for any given forum, have converted me.

Fig is really good and getting better quickly. It’s especially nice if you check multiple Discourse forums. (For me, that’s MPU, Automators, Drafts, and DEVONthink).

  • Desktop (macOS & Windows): browser
  • Mobile (iOS): Fig (preciously Discourse Hub)

Checking mpu, drafts forum etc thru ReadKit. Created folder ‘software’ and if there something interesting, I read it now or send link to pocket.

It seems that most people were actually using Fig!
That’s surprising, I literally never heard of it before I read about it in MacStories newsletter

Safari everywhere, but downloaded fig to try it out. Not played much with it tho.

+1 for Fig. Found out about it here and love it!

Yep, Fig here as well. It’s great. Thank you to whoever first mentioned it here in the forums. I think someone here is a friend of the developer IIRC?

The free version does everything I need but it’s one app where I am considering subscribing anyway to support the developer.

+1 for Fig on all my iOS devices. Pretty great iPad app too.

Highly recommended.

I’d used Fig before, but discarded it because they did not have the unread and new counts.
Thanks for posting this, reminded me to have a look again!


Fist time using Fig after reading here, and this is great! Thanks for recco.

Fig is lovely. The developer is really responsive, too. I found a small bug a while back and reported it. He responded personally and had it fixed and back out to the app store in less than 48 hours.

I adore Fig! Hopefully, it’ll be on par with the web version of Discourse in terms of features.

Fig didn’t work for me. I can’t put my finger on why, I just didn’t like the interface, it made me feel out of control.


I rarely read forums on iPadOS and never on iOS. Too cramped in the latter case, not really why I use iPads for the former case.

+1 for Fig for me as well. Really liking it. Like Ken W, I will likely pay to support the developer, even though I don’t need the premium features.

I am very much waiting for Fig’s “Quote and Reply” feature in the contextual menu to come on line. That is the one reason I still end up on the browser.


I love Fig too! Working from home though now I use my Mac a lot more and hope that it will eventually make its way over to macOS as well.

Does anyone know if anything similar to Fig on macOS?

It looks like there’s a macOS prototype, but the developers appear to be “targeting more important features” for the time being. I still hope that Fig comes to the Mac App Store in the future.

On the Mac App Store?

Just fyi for anyone reading this, like me, who had never heard of it and went to search for it. Searching “Fig” in the App Store didn’t find it for some reason. It is called “Fig for Discourse.” The app is available here:

(Sorry if this is exposing all levels of ignorance and/or violating any MPU Talk rules. I am new here, and excited to learn more!!)

UPDATE: Oops, the original poster DID link it!!! My bad. I’ll leave this here just in case anyone else reads too quickly and misses it.


I can see even more potential in Fig. Please support the developers who are working hard on the app!

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