The Sweet Setup’s latest recommendations for email clients


They also have a quiz you can take to “find the best app for you”.

I got Apple Mail, which I was using before anyway.

Like most online quizzes that seems more of a way to build their mailing list than anything else.


I like my Hey email quite a bit, but I don’t get what it’s doing on that list, at least with so many words about it. They should do a separate article about email services if they haven’t already.

I’m intrigued by Hey! But it’s no use to me until I can direct my email domain there.


This fails at the first question. I primarily email from an iPad. :frowning:

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I am still rocking Dispatch. It continues to work beautifully. It’s an older email app but with native Textexpander fill-in snippet power and a plethera of shares, it destroys Airmail, Spark, Mail, Outlook, etc.

Soapbox: Omnifocus, Fantastical, and Drafts all have native Fill-in Textexpander support on iOS. Can an email app other than Dispatch pull this off?

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Interesting question. I asked the Airmail devs and got an answer: according to them, the reason they have not implemented TE on iOS is because the text field class TE has hooks in is scheduled to be deprecated by Apple.

I’m liking Mimestream simply for the fact that it will allow me to use the gmail send as feature without needing to set up every account.
Haven’t found another client that does that and I can’t wait for the iOS version to come.

after years of wrestling with the Airmail devs on something as simple as fixing their plain text url scheme, which they are unwilling or unable to fix, I do not believe anything they say (even if that were the case, Smile would update TE to solve it). I can easily point to elite apps like Drafts, Omnifocus, Fantastical, GV Connect, Textastic, Editor, etc. that all offer native TextExpander support including Fill-In Snippets, which make responding to emails on an iOS device incredibly powerful and efficient. I have been complaining for years to Airmail, Sparkmail, and others and they have been unwilling or unable to figure out how to do it. So I use a 7 year old email app because it is still superior to Spark.

Any text centric app that does not include native TE support is just developer laziness. They see that TextExpander keyboard and think that relieves them from the responsibilty of including TE support. The TextExpander keyboard cannot expand Fill-In Snippets which are the most powerful part of TextExpander. If there is some issue that I am unaware of, I would love for a developer to call me out and put me in my place.

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Honestly I almost wrote « do what you want with that answer ». I am not a developer but I used to code years ago and it does seem that, say, the Ulysses and Fantastical text fields are nothing alike. (I’m even half-tempted to write to Smile about this, since I’m a TE affiliate. I wonder what they would have to say.)
I have been bugging the AM devs for them to solve an issue on their Send later feature for two months, opening test accounts on my server for them to troubleshoot things, and I’m still waiting.
Airmail is such a great product and it’s infuriating to see it ruined by such a lack of attention to detail.

Since I am pointing fingers, I would be remiss if I did not call out Smile for their lack of attention to their “TextExpander Enhanced Apps” page. It it woefully outdated and inaccurate. They should do their job and SHOWCASE apps that make use of full TE support. Instead it appears they just don’t care.

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