The Touch Bar can be useful for teaching!

I’ve started trying Better Touch Tool again because it comes with Setapp. I still don’t see the point of doing actions via gestures versus keyboard shortcuts or having Alfred do things for me, but I loved the Touch Bar features.

I’m still playing around with the features, but I’ve linked Touch Bar buttons to scripts activated via shortcuts through keyboard maestro (so you do have to use both). So for example, I can tap shortcuts then paste all tabs to paste links to all my open tabs (and their names). I’ve gotten to the point where I just have too many shortcuts to remember.

My favorite use is being able to quickly go to websites I use often during my teaching lectures. I often go to the lecture and lab websites. The Touch Bar shortcuts allow me to move seamlessly back and forth when the apps are in full screen. They only show when I’m using safari, chrome, and keynote. I also have a button to execute scripts to open the current website in chrome and when in chrome open in safari.

For omnifocus I have a group that allows me to capture the current website/email, start a new one, or move all the current tabs in safari to omnifocus.

Pretty nifty!


Yeah I think it’s awesome. See I 😍 the TouchBar

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I’ve been doing exactly the same thing during lectures with regularly visited sites. Using the touchbar makes it all seem seemless.

When you say shortcuts do you really mean keyboard maestro macros?