The ultimate news aggregation app

Hi there,

I have 4 main sources of direct and aggregated news/contents:

  • RSS => Managed by Feedly / Read chronologically in Reeder
  • Private Twitter lists => Read chronologically in Tweetbot
  • Discourse boards (MPU, Drafts, Keyboard Maestro, Automators, etc…) => Read in Fig on IOS or directly in desktop browser
  • Selection of newsletters (Macstories, Hacker Newsletter, Recommendo, etc…) => Read in email client (Spark)


  • Some subreddits
  • Apple news
  • Producthunt
  • News Y-combinator

Do you know a tool, free or paid, that can combine several or all of my main news sources in a single mobile, desktop or web app? Ideally, keeping the chronologically/mark-as-read format? Thanks in advance for the recommendations :pray:t2:

I think you can replicate very nearly all of that in Inoreader.


Thanks for the advice! Seems that I stuck with Feedly for too long.
I checked Inoreader and was a bit deterred by the set limitations on newsletters and social profiles.
So I kept digging in that direction and found this post on news ycombinator, someone there is following my train of thought and describing his setup with Feedbin.
I spent some time setting up and I am happy to report that it can take all of my news sources without limit and I can read it all from Reeder on any of my devices.
With everything centralized, I hope to save heaps of time, well worth the $5 of the subscription!


You can use the RSS reader feature of Devonthink. Since it is scriptable, it has almost unlimited potential to tweak it for whatever behavior you wish.


Thanks. Just set up my first Twitter list in Feedbin. I had no idea that it was that easy. I can also see this as a great way to follow individual writers who may or may not have separate RSS streams.

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