The USB-C dilemma

I knew the M1 MB Air USB-C ports were going to be different, but I didn’t really think this through. Just went to transfer all my media from an existing external drive to the MB Air. I’m staring at a USB-A cable end. FML

And my portable charging battery thing is also USB-A. So, looks like I will be needing at least one USB-A to USB-C cable. But my portable drive would need USB-A male(?) to USB-C? So, like a hub?


Many portable drives use a USB micro type B connector.

When I purchased a previous MBP with USB-C ports, I picked up a pack of type A to type C adapters (enter Dongletown) but also picked up a pack of USB 3 micro type B to USB type C cables for the drives.

Here is the pack I purchased but anything similar should work.

My latest drive purchases were SanDisk SSD drives that come with USB-C connectors so the cables that came with were C-to-C but they included a C-to-A adapter.

Yeah, a bit frustrating, but it’s solved by a $10 trip to Amazon. :slight_smile:

That said, I wouldn’t use a hub. I’d get a direct-connect cable for the drive. Or alternatively, if you have an existing Mac that the drive can plug into, you could move the files over the network. Might not be quite as efficient, but it’ll let you do it now instead of in a day or two when your cable shows up.


yeah, pretty much a one-time move so going to do it before I sell the Mac Mini and previous MB Air back to Apple

I recently had to move almost half a terabyte from one computer to another via the network. It took awhile, but just like your situation it was a one time process.

Not blazing fast, but nothing about moving lots of data is ever blazing fast in my experience.

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I’m constantly finding a use for these.


yeah I can see picking up a couple of those - thanks!

Yep. I have a pocketful of those things. One in every bag, on my desk, on the coffee table, you name it.


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I wish I could just glue converters to USB-C on all my devices and throw out all of my other cables…

(Before anyone asks: Because converters are notorious for being low quality and break easily. Especially when they stick out of an external SSD that gets bounced around my backpack.)

UPDATE: My camera won’t send video over WiFi, and photos take insanely long times to copy. Similar issues copying files from my Mac Mini over WiFi - faster than the camera, but still…

So I got one of these. Spent more than I wanted to, but it has everything I’ll need and it has more ports (and cost less) than the one Apple sells. $55 or so at Best Buy