The War Room (fifteen characters)

Complete with elago Magnetic Stand, ember Bluetooth coffee mug and HidrateSpark waterbottle


I tried a sit stand desk like the one shown, but it raised the keyboard too high when in the sit position and hurt my wrists.

That seems a great setup for a compact space

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Curious chair positioning … does the table turn?


My bad… 'tis a dining room table so that would be, in theory, for someone else to sit in. As it is, my cat gets on it in the morning, whilst I drink my coffee. My chair is front-facing and is an IKEA Nilserik that I found at Goodwill. I also have a knee chair, along with the table chair that goes with the table. The standing desk was a purchase from Craigslist as well as the 27" Cinema Display.

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Got a picture of the cat?

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Why, actually…


Is the primary driver the MacBook Pro?

The computer on the right of the picture is a last of the Intels, a 2020 Retina MacBook Air. It is attached to a 27" LED Cinema Display. The iPad is a 9th edition.

I need my keyboard low to avoid RSI. If I don’t have a slide-out tray, I rest my keyboard on my thighs. Same thing with a laptop. I try to find an easy chair or couch instead of a table at a coffee shop.

Gorgeous! I think your cat’s cousin lives with us. Here he is unwrapping his Xmas gifts this morning.