Thesaurus for Ulysses?

I’m looking for a thesaurus that I can add to my iPad so that when I highlight a word in Ulysses I have access to it just as I currently do for the dictionary. I do not want to switch apps. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help.

Try Terminology. Part dictionary, part thesaurus.

In any app, highlight a word, share sheet it to Terminology and you get some details. Select done and you’re back in your app.


Perfect, thanks! I owe you one!

Downloaded & trying it out… Thanks for the suggestion.

Two minutes later First trials works like a charm.

Four minutes — second edit — A second thanks to all the forum members contributing useful ideas.


Also love that Terminology keeps a history of what you’ve looked up. Good for review.

Its from the makers of Drafts so you know it’s solid!

I love WordBook. I use it almost every day as a dictionary and/or thesaurus. Also I just enjoy reading it. Really a cool little app.

Thanks @Katie, I’ll check it out!