Things 3.16 update enough to get me back?

received email about the update to Things 3.16 for iOS 16

I stopped using Things 3 for about a year and instead using Todoist instead. I have switched between these two todo apps regularly. Each app has their pros and cons.

Just wondering whether others think this update is enough to convince us to switch back. There is no cost involved as Things is not a subscription based app (yet !!)

This seemed like a “bare minimum” update to me. I’m underwhelmed and disappointed. I suppose it could mean they’re spending their time on a “Things 4,” but I’ll believe it when I see it at this point.

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I started using the Things widgets today at work. I have a lock screen for work where it shows the Things widget and my next upcoming meeting. I really like it.

The things widgets are fine. I’d be very frustrated if Things didn’t update to use new headlining Apple features given their historical trend of being a well integrated app.

However, I believe Todoist has also upgraded to Lock Screen widgets based on an article I read about early ios16 capable apps. Not sure why you’d bother switching when Todoist also has this new feature set

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Is there evidence that they are working on Things 4? In Things 3, shortcuts integration has been sparse and there’s almost no filtering of items (or smart lists). Reminders is looking more enticing, but it doesn’t have the ease and simplicity of Things 3. :crossed_fingers:t4:

The best evidence is the very enemic updates this year. And that their prior 5-year release interval is now—important for a company that sells versions rather than using a subscription.

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I love Things and need it for my complex paid work on a computer, but I’ve started to integrate Reminders for personal stuff and a job I do very part time where I have to use Windows so the speed of Reminders on my phone for simple stuff/shortcuts/better share sheet is super handy in those contexts.

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