Things 3: anything analogous to OmniFocus perspectives?

The title sums it up.

I have been using OmniFocus for some time, but ultimately it is a much heaviier-weight application that what I really need. Things 3 may be closer to what I need, but I have found that the ability in OF to creative perspectives that allow me to quickly jump to tasks (eg find everything tagged with “email” and “business” when I want to work on (duh) business emails with a single click on the perspective) is incredible useful to me.

I know that with Things I can search for a combination of tags, for example, but I don’t see that it is possible create a saved search to replicate this one-click convenience. Plus, some of my perspectives have a rather complicated set of criteria that I probably won’t remember off the top of my head to type as a search each time I need that data.

Does Things 3 have any sort of saved search or similar construct for this purpose?

You can construct URLs that will show specific “views”. I’ve created a Project outside of any area that’s at the top of my listing that includes each “saved URL”. I got the idea from a user (@mdbraber) in a Things 3 Slack group:

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If you have Keyboard Maestro, you can create floating pallet windows when Things is the frontmost program and click on a tile to start a macro that would run the URLs that @kennonb showed above.

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Very interesting idea. I had hoped Thungs had a “native” interface for saving searches, but as I do have Keyboard Maestro I can play with the idea of url schemes and a floating palette.


I do the same on iOS Shortcuts with the Today Widget but never thought of using it as a KBM palette. Definitely going to create one! Thanks!

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While this thread is quite old, discourse told me to check it out while writing this post, which might help.
It it basically just quick access to saved links in Alfred, but all lists predefined by Things are also easily accessible.