Things 3 for Mac, is it worth it?

I’ve been using Things on iOS. I’ve noticed that Things 3 for Mac was not on sale on BF, so I’m hesitant on buying it.

Can anyone change my mind?

I could not imagine not having my task management on my Mac.

When I’m working on my iMac I feel more in control using my big-boy keyboard, and there’s something to be said for being able to see the bigger picture - literally - on a big screen when using Todoist and Google Keep. It’s not necessary, but I find it very desirable.


I think Things is worth it on whatever platform you need it on. Meaning for me, I chose iPhone and iPad because that’s where I spend most of my time. When I’m on my Mac, I have my iPad open on the desk.

So if you do your primary work on your Mac, go with it!

I think it is worth it, because automation on mac is so much better. I have scripts, which will take a file, place in DEVONthink, make an internal file link, create a new task in OF and place this clickable file like in task notes area. I have scripts in KM, which will create reference folders in DT for given project and will move them to archive for completed projects. We have Hazel, which will place new voice recording from iClould in the inbox.

I see the iOS tool as a nice addition, but all the productive stuff happens on my mac. These days I barely open iOS version, because I have an apple watch for a quick overview. The only productive usage I can think of on iOS is related to geotags in OF.

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Not sure how anyone can actually answer that without knowing your full situation. How much time do you spend on your Mac? Do you also use an iOS device during that time? Do you prefer the keyboard you have with your Mac?

I can imagine that for someone like Federico it wouldn’t be worth it, even if it was $10. For me, OmniFocus on the Mac could be $200/year and I’d pay it. I spend a lot of time on my Mac, and my task manager is an important part of my workflow.

Another example: I don’t own Fantastical 2 for the Mac. It’s totally not worth for it me since I almost never use my calendar on the Mac. Actually, I don’t use my calendar all that much in general.
Had I still worked in a bigger company, or still doing consulting, with lots of meetings it would have made total sense to drop 50 bucks on a calendar app for my Mac.

“Worth” is very relative.

BTW, it is 25 now until the 27.11 :slight_smile: