Things 3 repeating to-dos behaviour

Current behaviour in macOS is that when I set a task to repeat it automatically appears in the Today list.

I’d like to change that and not having them appear in the Today list.

Is this possible?

Guess it’s not.

One of the main traits of Things is its very rigid approach of its workflow. Call it a strength of weakness is a matter of opinion. In my point of view, its both.

That said, in this page they explain how they think about how tasks should flow.

This part is the important one:

Establish your daily routine

A visit with your to-dos early in the day, every day, is the best way to set your priorities and stay on top of what matters most to you. So grab a coffee and spend a few minutes in Today – this won’t take long.
In Today, you’ll see what’s new for the day. Decide what you want to do and postpone the rest for later. Visualize what you’ll get done and in what order, then arrange your to-dos accordingly.

So their goal is for you to decide on a concise today list every day. Even scheduled items should be decided on that day.

They implement this routine by “breaking” the Today interface in two modes:

  1. When you first open the Today page on a given day, you’ll see every automatically created item on it (scheduled or due), marked with a yellow dot on the left and a golden bar on top. That’s how the app shows you this “early visit” mode for you to decide what you’ll do today (that mode is not for doing);

  2. The doing (no longer reviewing) phase: there are no yellow dots, nor bar on top, just the selected tasks.

Scheduled tasks will appear on mode 1 and, from there, can be redirected to mode 2 or moved to “Anytime” (by hotkey ⌘+R or changing its start time, ⌘+S, to Anytime).

Things is definitely a very opinionated app when it consider its features and design. Personally, I’m very much attuned into its structure, but there are a ton of folks in this forum that prefer the much more granular and flexible controls of Omnifocus.

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