Things and Airtable?

Hey all,

After a successful transition from my longtime go to, I’ve moved to Things and Airtable.

I won’t explain the intricate details of why, but a major factor was the ability to create client portals over the top of Airtable using glide.

In these client portals I store all of the tasks and projects for each client to complete. I also store my tasks which relate to those projects (for transparency, so my clients ‘see’ the volume of work we do for them).

My issue is - I run my days out of Things, not the Airtable databases as it contains every ‘todo’, even personal.

Things has a JSON scheme I was hoping to be able to tap into to read and write into things.

I know someone out there has mastered this, I’m hoping someone might have done something similar. I tried using Integromat without much success!

Thanks team,

What a great landing page at!