Things AppleScript to Automatically Move To-Dos to 'Evening'

I’ve adapted Benjamin Eskola’s ‘Evening’ AppleScript so that any of my non-work tasks are automatically moved to the ‘Evening’ section of the Today view if it’s not a Saturday or Sunday.

This works fine if I explicitly tag a To-Do as ‘Evening’, but realistically what I want to do is set the ‘Evening’ tag at a project or list level, and have all To-Dos inherit it.

I’m trying to decide if I should spend the time trying to figure out how to do this, but first I wanted to see if anyone is already doing this?

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Following! (I have some evening to-do’s that show up each day and have been dragging them to Evening each day…)

Doesn’t Things do this automatically? If you assign a tag to an area, all tasks in that area will get that tag.

Yes, but when you use the Things URL Scheme it doesn’t seem to be aware of tags applied at the Area or Project level. At least, not the way the reference AppleScript uses the scheme.

Oh bummer. That seems like an unfortunate oversight on their part.