Things - how to open two windows by default in MacOS

I’m loving the multi window support that let’s me get the view of things that I always wanted, a single view showing what is due in chronological order (odd they never implemented this, seems a fairly basic and common need). That I can do this on both my iPad and MacOS is great!

The one thing that I was hoping someone might be able to help me with, is it possible at all in MacOS to make the multi window view (side by side) persistent? I’m thinking an automator script is the most likely answer, however due to multi monitor and requirement to modify both windows this is going to be very complex.

Screen shot attached to show what I’m talking about.

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

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Moom can do that, Keyboard Maestro also.

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For me, if I quit Things with more than one window open, then the same windows open in the same positions the next time I launch Things. I didn’t do anything special to make that happen, as far as I know.

Things 3.12.2 on 10.15.4

Thank you for the replies, turns out I might have a far simpler option using BetterTouchTool, whilst it isn’t working just yet (issues with some of the actions not…acting…but I’m sure I can get to the bottom via the BTT community boards). The actions that work are “Launch”, “Delay next action” (allowing Things to load) and Keyboard Shortcut (control+command+N to open the second Things3 window). Sadly the window actions don’t appear to work, Move to next monitor, Maximize Window Left and Right.

@anon41602260 not sure how that is working for you but great (sadly not for me), it certainly does on iOS, just not MacOS.

@JeffLambert670, these will be my next port of call if my BTT approach doesn’t work, I had a quick look at Keyboard Maestro yesterday and it is amazing yet possibly overkill for what I’m looking for.

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