Thinking Again. How Could I Connect The Following To 2017 iPad Pro?

I feel like i am dongle land now days!

I would “like to” use what i already have on hand, and not keep buying “stuff”. I want to use my old as dirt, but still works fine, Logitech M310 mouse, (it has the required “dongle” that must be plugged in to another dongle to work on the ipad). I can already use this (am right now), but then i can not plug in anything else. I also want to plug in my monitor to the iPad, which i can do with a different dongle, but then i must give up the rat. I ALSO want to be able to plug in a external hard drive while using all of the above. I have the individual “dongles” to do all this, but i am hoping that there is a “brick” that I can use. Any suggestions? I don’t want to spend more money on a another mouse, AND a brick, i rather stick with my old rat and just get a brick, if there is one.

Unfortunately there isn’t a dock like dongle for Lightning iPads. I have a nice one for my 2018 iPad Pro - but that doesn’t help you.

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Sorry to hijack in the middle. Which one do you recommend for the 2018 iPad Pro?

This is mine:

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@Ricky You can do that, if you use an USB-hub that has it’s own power supply.

You attach your mouse, harddisk, etc to the hub and this hub with a lightning to USB adapter to your iPad. This is for USB devices, your monitor is a different matter. I don’t know if there is an adapter with a port for your monitor and a port for USB.

See this video

And this one

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Thanks for sharing FrankV. Interesting.