Thinking Ahead, Monitor To Connect To IPad When Mouse Feature Arrives

I am very excited about what I am reading on here about the new mouse feature coming for the iPad. That explained, I am on a tight budget. Would like to be able to connect my iPad Pro to a monitor, and use a mouse, (mostly website tinkering). What do y’all think of this monitor? I really need to stay in that general price range, I have many doctors to pay. :sweat_smile:

It’s the beginning of something good, but right now it’s extremely primitive, deliberately crippled by Apple, so it doesn’t act as a desktop pointer does - users still have to touch their finger to the screen for any mouse-style commands.

Personally, I’d wait until the feature comes out before you make a purchasing decision. Right now it seems like something that’s neither fish nor fowl.

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Thanks bowline! Coming from you, I will except the recommendation. You do well posting useful information here.

I sure would like to see either a fully functional mouse, OR, keyboard commands that cover all task, to eliminate the half ‘n half set up that we have been working with. It sure is time consuming to ‘touch the screen for this, or maybe, the keyboard for that’. :sweat_smile:

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With this initial support, it’s gotten me ready to get an iPad Pro in the fall, with the hope that peripheral support will be extended within a year so as to be able to fully use a trackpad for working with text, and especially for dialing into my Mac with Remote Desktop.

But Apple is being particularly careful not to allow this kind of use right now. Officially, Apple implemented support not as a traditional mouse pointer but as an on-screen finger as an accessibility option for people with disabilities, with a limited, oversized cursor. Yet it seems a foregone conclusion that peripheral support will grow in utility over time. After all, enough people called for dark mode long enough for Apple to listen, then create Smart Invert as an Accessibility Feature, then eventually introduce it systemwide so that it’s now a one-click option in macOS.

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All very good points! Hopefully they will come around this time too. :tada::sunglasses:

I do not agree with your assessment. The mouse can do 90-95% of what you would normally do with a finger. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and for normal desktop operations it is absolutely fine.

I think it is the monitor support that is the issue. You can only mirror your iPad screen to an external monitor, not extend it.

I do think this is about as far as Apple is going to go with the mouse and monitor though… Why would they keep a macbook around if they went further?

It’s not just one-finger mouse support, with the oversized clunky pointer. It’s also got one-finger trackpad support, which is absurd. (No scrolling!) Apple’s keecapped the functionality and hidden it in Accessibility, but they’re closely watching what people do with it and will need to give it functional parity in time.