Thinking on ToDoist

Another productivity merry go round post.

I was a long time OmniFocus user but moved to Things3 a while ago when I was unhappy with the direction of the OF4 beta (still don’t like it so not going back, no sections very busy interface etc)

Thinking about giving ToDoist a try and any user experience comments would be much appreciated.

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Long time user of Todoist, past user of OF3 and dabbles with Things 1, 2 & 3.

What I love about Todoist:

  • I can attach images
  • Accepts natural language on adding task
  • Reminders can be time-based or a place (handy when you want to pick up laundry or grocery on your way home)
  • Filters and Labels alongside Project list
  • Can add list under task
  • Kanban view
  • Add comments on your task (I use it to add details)

What its missing

  • Start date or time plus reminder
  • Auto-remind on deadlines (you need to set reminders)

Subscription-based (when I lost my job in the pandemic, I had to let it go)
I wish it’s as slick as Things.


I posted my thought a month or two ago.

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Thank you both much appreciated

@lsamberg if it helps: if you tag tasks you want in the “evening” section with say “evening” you can create a shortcut to move all to that section. I have this scheduled to run every morning silently at 4am

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Things I don’t like about Todoist -

  1. Keyboard shortcuts aren’t great, thus lots of clicking and swiping.
  2. No manual reordering of tasks in filtered views (including today view).
  3. Multiple selected tasks can’t be copied as plain or markdown text.
  4. Mac electron app consumes a lot of RAM.
  5. Everyday rescheduling overdue tasks in “today” view.
  6. Repeating tasks don’t repeat unless completed (unlike Things3 where copies are generated from the master task)
  7. Occasional sync issues.
  8. No multi-window support.

Great idea! Thank you.

Yes, I agree.

Most of these bothered me also…#2 was a big one that I forgot to mention. #5 and #6 were always issues for me and were in my list.


Do you think you could share your shortcut? I haven’t been able to get mine working.

Here you go, I have a scheduled shortcut to run this every morning, let me know if you need help


Thank you. I was close :grinning:

That is a great shortcut. I am new to Shortcuts, and I don’t see a “Find” in the actions available with Things. How did you get there?

Thank you, Things updated its shortcuts support in a recent version update, so make sure you have the latest version.

Screenshot shows the available actions…

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By the way, this is working great. Thank you again!

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