Third party Apple TV remote

Hello all,

Looking for best choices for third party Apple TV remotes.

I use the remote app on my phone which is good for home but I’m looking for a workplace solution.

I understand some TV monitor remotes will work as well but that is not true in my case.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you!

This is the one I use, on those rare occasions when I use my Apple TV.


We really like the new Siri remote. It’s a big improvement over the old remote. Plus you don’t have to have line-of-sight like an infrared remote.


+1 for the Function Remote, it WAS the best Apple TV remote
ever (mute button!), until the new Siri 4K remote. However,
I have mine sitting idle until I can get a case for it.

Has anyone found a case for the 2021 Siri Apple TV remote?

Mr. Bezos has several to choose from.

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Thank you sir

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