This Forum on Tapatalk

Hi All

Really like the forum and listen to the podcast, have started to use the forum more and more to see other peoples setups for inspiration and help.

I use iOS a lot (more and more than OSX now) and was wondering if it was possible to get this and Automators on the tapatalk app? I may be being dumb but its not something I know much about so wondering if its possible and if anyone has it set up?


Right now Discourse doesn’t have Tapatalk integration, but it does have its own app, I wrote about that here:


Thanks for the quick response, I’ll take a look at it and see how I get on.

Yeah - Discourse has spent a lot of time writing their software to be mobile first. The app is really just in browser experience - but great for getting notifications on iOS device. I have talked with TapATalk about a discourse forum I have and they do not seem to have any near future plans - but honestly one of the strengths of Discourse software is that it does work so well and all updates they make happen live versus having to try and tweak TapATalk to play well, etc.

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Yep using it now and seems to work pretty well. For some reason notifications are not pinging for me but I think I just need to look at how I have it set.