This is good stuff: “Jony Ive’s creative vision”

There are quotes here that will go in my new Obsidian vault. :slight_smile:


This will change an aspect of how we do schooling. Thanks for sharing this!

Despite the complete chaos inside the plaster workshop, he would expect us to stop what we were doing, carefully clear a small patch on the table free of plaster debris, dust, and tools. We would then place our work carefully in the center and attempt a thoughtful explanation. . . . And this is the important thing, always [treating them with] a rare respect, not only when the ideas are good, and not only if the circumstances are easy or convenient. If we make it our habit to respect our ideas and our process, we increase the probability that they will actually be good and worthy of that respect.


Great share. Lots to unpack. Specifically like:

“I’ve come to learn you have to make an extraordinary effort not to focus on the problems that are implicated with any new idea. These problems are known. They’re quantifiable and understood. But you have to focus on the actual idea, which is partial, tentative, and unproven. If you don’t actively suspend your disbelief, if you don’t believe there is a solution to the problems, of course you will lose faith in your idea.”

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I too like that!

Per Jony Ive

The line between confidence and hubris can be blurry at best.

Hubris is insisting on computers so thin they need prone-to-failure keyboards.

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