This "Sealed the Deal" on Craft instead of Drafts or Obsidian

I finally figured out how to seamlessly use Craft to create meeting/project notes that go to DT as markdown text and the associated tasks to OF.

NOTE: I am not looking for a PKM system as such, I need an integrated way to keep notes and to-dos for multiple projects aligned and synced.

I’ve spent a lot of time experimenting with Obsidian, Drafts and various actions including task paper, and with Craft. For my needs I’ve finally figured out how to do this efficiently with minimal overhead.

The steps are simple:

  • Insert Meeting/Project template from TextExpander into a Craft note
  • Take my notes and record follow-up actions.
  • Within Craft, send the entire note to DT. It shows up as a markdown file along with a preview screen with a link back to the Craft note if needed.
  • Highlight the follow-up list in Craft and send to OF.

Below are the screenshots showing the results. Perhaps this will be helpful to others.


I tried it and have Agenda on my MBP but I prefer my notes ordered by projects/divisions/people, not dates. I may not have given Agenda enough of a trial but it seemed to focus on the date/calendar organizational structure.

Am I wrong about this?

I take it once the note is sent to DevonThink it’s done? You don’t return to update it?

Not usually, there is little need to update it. I like the search and file conversion features of DT as my hub.

The truth is that if DT had a decent editor (it’s better but not good) I probably would just take my notes in DT. And, although I can highlight a list of to-dos in DT and share them to OF, they don’t show up as discreet tasks. So, I need a good note taking app.

Now I can’t decide if I should be mad at @anon41602260 for suggesting another note taking app option or be grateful! :wink:


And there is a significant difference in our uses. I update individual notes over the course of multiple days, and want to have DT search available throughout that process.

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I use Agenda similar to @Bmosbacker for notes, and I could get them into DevonThink, but I don’t think there is anything like that Send to OmniFocus flow. That is really cool. I would love to be wrong about this.

You have no idea! As the head of a large private Christian school I deal with people’s kids, money, religion–and most recently–politics. What could possibly go wrong? :laughing: :laughing:


Out of curiosity, I tried it since I have Agenda on my MBP. I don’t see a way to export to OF.

Works fine for me.

But, I’ll back off and mute since this is irrelevant.

@quorm It does? How? I’m interested … why settle on a workflow when I can keep endlessly experimenting? :slight_smile:

Edit-I bet I need to send them to Reminders and from there they go to OF!

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You will have to click More and then check OmniFocus in the Extensions pane in System Preferences to see OF in the share menu.

Please don’t back off! :slight_smile: When I share a list in Agenda to OF, I get everything I had selected in one action item in the inbox. @Bmosbacker’s screenshot shows his selection turning into a project with the bullets each as a next action, which (imo) is more useful. Is yours acting more like his?

It is already active but not showing up.

That is correct and is exactly what I wanted. That is why my TE snippet repeats the “Subject” under follow-up to ensure that I am capturing the tasks associated with the meeting/project without the need to retype it in OF.

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Strange. I’m not sure what to suggest–probably to let it alone because your Craft workflow seems really nice. :wink:

That is exactly what I’m going to do! :slight_smile: Everything is working as needed so I’m leaving well enough alone!

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Not yet, but it is on the way according to the developer. Here is my recent email exchange:

Hi Barrett,
I hope you are well!
Regarding OF’s capability - this is not available right now as it was more complex to add compared to DT, but we are planning to introduce it later on!

On Tue, Apr 13, 2021 at 6:23 PM Barrett Mosbacker

I’m very impressed with the continuous rollout of great updates to Craft, including today’s (2021-April-13) update! Well done and thanks!
I have a request.

I love taking my meeting notes in Craft and then sending my action items to OF. It works great. I also send the notes to DevonThink.

In DT, a link is created back to the Craft note.

However, a link is not created in the notes field in OF. Can this be added? I’ve attached a test screenshot.

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Nice! I’d like to do something similar with meeting notes BUT I want to write using the iPad and Pencil. Do you use the Pencil by chance?

I do some but not extensively. I find that my workflow works better if I type my notes based on what I’m trying to accomplish.

@Bmosbacker I don’t know if this would be useful for you or not, but I wonder if it would be possible to pull your todo tasks out of the markdown formatted note in AppleScript and add them as tasks in OF. I haven’t attempted this (no need previously) but I would think it would not be that hard to write the AS to accomplish this. You could then have an action in DT that would fire when you dragged the note imported from Craft to DT and would execute this script to automatically create the OF tasks.

If I needed a similar workflow, this is likely what I would wind up doing. I like to automate the back end of these sort of processes as much as I can.

I love that idea but alas, I have no experience with scripts or coding of any sort. Those skills are not in my wheelhouse. :slight_smile: