This Shortcuts Neanderthal Needs Help

I am a Shortcuts Neanderthal. I need help to solve what must be a simple problem. I’ve created, finally!, a simple shortcut for taking interview notes in Apple Notes pre-filled with interview questions. But, I have to hit “Save” twice to get the note template in Apple Notes. How do I get the shortcut to save the note without my needing to select “Save”?

Simply click on the little „show more“ option on the action, which then provides an option to show/hide this creation sheet from your last screenshot (I don’t know what the englisch options are called as my system in in German.

Toggling this option off then creates new notes without confirmation (just tested under 14.3).

Hope that helps?


That worked. Thanks and Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

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Glad that worked, merry Christmas :christmas_tree: and happy new year :confetti_ball:

A lot of the power in Shortcuts is hidden behind “Show More”. It’s worth clicking on any time you’re playing around with a new action just to learn what all you can do with it.

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