Thoughs on 2024 iPad Pro

I’ve been a 13-inch iPad Pro customer since the first one was released in 2015. I bought another in 2018 and another in 2021. I was trying to resist buying the latest one, but after reading and participating in @Bmosbacker’s epic post, I couldn’t resist any longer and just picked up my 4th 13-inch iPad Pro. The first thing that jumps out at me is the screen. I had my 2021 iPad Pro on the table next to me playing the Yankees game. I took the new one out of the box, set it up and put the same Yankees game on the new iPad and the contrast was immediate. The colors look so much richer and the brightness of the screen stood out.

The second thing I appreciate is the weight. One downside of the 13-inch iPad for the last 9 years has been the weight. But now it is significantly lighter and I no longer think this is much of a compromise. I feel comfortable holding it in my hands more than any iPad I’ve owned in a long time. The weight of the iPad in the new case is also lighter, which is an unexpected bonus.

I also love the keyboard. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a function row until I started using this one. Now that there is an escape key, I’m looking into running vim on it, is that possible? The larger trackpad is also nice and I find myself using it more than I did on the previous model.

I bought the Apple Pencil Pro even though I only use it for highlighting in books and handwriting notes sometimes. My needs could definitely be satisfied by the cheaper pencil, but it seemed like a silly thing to save $50 on. I would’ve kept using the previous pencil, but sadly it isn’t compatible.

So I’ve kept up my habit of buying a new iPad Pro every 3 years and the improvements are worth it to me.


I echo everything you said except for watching the Yankees! :rofl::wink:


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Cardinals, second only to the Yankees in World Series wins.

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We may be second in World Series wins, but we have the best logo. :rofl:


This is true!

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I agree with that. You have a beautiful ballpark too.

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By the way, if you are a baseball fan, I encourage you to try to find the game between the Giants and the Cardinals at RickWood stadium in Birmingham. I believe the game was played on Thursday or Friday. I watched it yesterday after recording it. It was a game honoring the Negro League at the oldest baseball field in the nation. They had entertainment at the beginning and wonderful tributes to many players, including Willie Mays.


Oh great, I subscribe to so I’ll be able to watch it.

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The broadcast even had a section of the game in which they used a 1954 TV format. It was really cool.

I once met Willie Mays - an odd thing for an Englishman. I was lucky to be working for an agency that worked with Coors Light and I was invited to their US distributors conference. It was no more than a handshake, but I knew enough about baseball to understand I was in the presence of one of the greats. Also met Heidi Klum and Jim Kelly (who was not quite as pleasant)


Yes! I believe the latest version of Blink Shell and a-Shell come with Vim. Enjoy!

Wow, I’m jealous!

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@jacobio and @jcarucci

There is also native VIM app for iPad, but it has not been updated in 5 years. It was–no surprise–a pain to use without an ESC key. I just re-downloaded it and seems to be working fine. The versions that come as part of these shell apps might be better. I’ll check those out, too.