Thoughts on carrying ID/Credit Cards with wallet case and using Apple Wallet

I would like to either get away with not having to carry a wallet or at least minimize what cards I have in it. I am considering getting a wallet case for my iPhone 8 and just put my driver’s license, a credit card, and cash so I can go out without my wallet. Although I have never lost my cell phone, I am concerned about my ID and CC being with my phone if I ever did.
I don’t use Apple Wallet but am considering it so I can eliminate some of the cards I have in my wallet (loyalty cards, a couple of CC I don’t often use, etc). I am not sure how many places use Apple Pay (not even sure how it works at a store). Any pros and cons of using a wallet case and Apple Wallet would be appreciated.

I’ve been doing this for the last few years though I use a wallet for cash and a few extra cards - I’d say at least 9 of 10 times I leave the house the wallet stays in my pocket the whole time.

I consider it an advantage to have the ID and cc (potentially) locatable via Find My Phone. As long as your passcode can’t be easily inferred from you ID I don’t see a real security threat.

Apple Pay is extremely convenient and easy to use. You could always set it up first and give it a try for a few days. The only hassle I’ve found is that my default card is an AmEx and if it’s not accepted it takes a bit of fiddling to switch to an alternative card.

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It’s very easy to switch as long as you bear in mind that Face ID needs to re-authenticate every time you select a new card. You also can select a default card so make sure you have selected the one you use most of the time.

Any retailer that accepts payWave will take Apple Pay.

I had a wallet case for some time, but stopped using it in order to

  • reduce the risk of dropping/damaging my phone when I just needed to pay (I usually have enough items to fumble with around check-out)
  • avoid exposing my wallet with cash, cards and ID when using the phone on public transit and other public places
  • reduce the physical size of the phone in my pocket
  • worry less when charging the phone and leaving it on my desk at work

The idea to have a single item was appealing, but in practice, it didn’t stick with me.


Wow that must be annoying. Glad I’m still on my iphone 7…

You just have to make sure the phone can “see” you when you switch cards. It took me a while to get used to I must admit.

Great points. I used to get BookBook by TwelveSouth every time I got a new iPhone, but one day realized: if I lose my iPhone, then everything was gone. ID, credit cards, etc. Poof! And the ensuing chaos of getting it all back would be a major time-sink.

I love the look and utility of wallet cases but not the potentially catastrophic consequences of losing.

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This is what I worry about.

My experience losing wallets and credit cards, passports, etc. has been pretty easy - always replaced within a couple days, often quicker. As long as you have copies of the cards or the 800 #s reasonably accessible.

And I’ve had experience where I lost a wallet, someone found it and called the CC company, and they contacted me via email within the hour.

On balance I think having ID and CC with phone makes it more likely that all will be recovered. But if it’s gonna stress you out, don’t do it.

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I use the In Incipio IPH-1649-BLK Apple iPhone X Stowaway Credit Card Hard Shell Case for my iPhone Xs. I have been using a model of this for years, and ordered one immediately for the new iPhone.

It can hold my license, a credit card, and bill or two. It does make the sleek awesome iPhone not as sleek or cool.

For me this is an indispensable item. When I go to the gym, my phone goes, but not my wallet. Running out - phone, no wallet. When I leave the house the phone is going with me.

If I lose my license it would suck. But, I can lose my wallet or phone just as easily. Honestly, I know almost immediately when my I have misplaced my phone.

Works great for me.

I like the idea of a card case but haven’t found one I like. I’m retired and need only two cards, drivers license and Medicare. Apple Pay does the rest!

I have all my cards photographed and stored in 1Password so they’re with me when I go out with my naked iPhone SE (running, biking). I carry a minimal wallet when I go shopping or use the car. The store cards live on my key chain but I’m thinking of throwing them out – I hate coupons and detest the preferred customer model of retail. Don’t get me started on airline tickets and cable rates. One price for all, folks. Democracy.

Really? There are some grocery and hardware stores ( Home Depot) that don’t accept Apple pay.

Yesterday I have a contractor upgrade my furnace, and I had either to call their office to pay, or write my CC info on the invoice so the contractor could submit my payment when they got back to the office!