Thoughts on iOS home screen widgets and app library

For those on the developer beta, what are your thoughts on the new iOS home screen widest and app library? I understand it’s a very early beta and the bugs have been squashed and it’s not as polished as it will be at launch but here are a couple of my thoughts so far. The one big thing I would like to see with the widgets is more interactivity and more frequent updating, which I understand they aren’t doing for battery consumption reasons. I don’t need to see the same two news stories in my news widget all day, and it would be nice to be able to swipe through pictures in my picture widget. Other than those two things I’ve enjoyed the widgets so far. I’ve gone from 5 app screens down to two, and the app library organizes the apps in a way my OCD is ok with, lol. I’m excited to see what 3rd party apps do with the widgets.