Thread for saying nice things about software you won't use

I would say Tana and Capacities . They are the new-generation “typed” data note-taking apps. Both immediately clicked for me, and I’ve used both extensively for weeks. However, Tana’s export function is meh, and I don’t have enough confidence in the service to put all my PKM data there. Capacities, on the other hand, supports exporting data to Markdown files, but the app is a bit slow. I also think the pro/believer plan is on the pricer side.

I do think this “typed” data approach is very intuitive and greatly reduces the effort to maintain one’s PKM. I’ll continue to follow up on the development of both apps.


Thanks for flagging this up. The interface looks very clean and I am going to give it a try.

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Curio falls in this category for me. Lack of iOS supports means I cannot use it in my workflow.

Things is another app which I love but due to lack of a review system I have never used long term.


update: I’m now journaling again using Obsidian’s daily notes. Easily updated from phone as needed, mostly on desktop.

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For touchbar laptops, BetterTouchTool is a ridiculously useful app (once configured properly), though battery drain and weird keyboard capture issues mean i rarely use it,

I quite enjoyed Raycast, too, and it was a smooth and pleasant launcher as they built out various functionalities. Alfred won me back with various updates.

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