Three volumes after fresh install of MacBook Pro?

So periodically wipe out my machine and do a clean install ( every year, I like the new feel). Anyway, since Catalina released I noticed two volumes before I formatted the machines. Untitled and Untitled - Data. This confused me very much. I deleted both of them and created two with the same name.

Previous there was only one volume - Untitled. Is my machines setup properly or so I need to fix something?

Now in the Disk Utility is shows three volumes as attached.

It’s normal with Catalina to have two volumes, one is where the operating system lives, the other is where your data live.

Not sure about your current situation with the deleting and recreating, I would start with reinstalling Catalina.

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John, so should I delete any volumes or just reinstall and Catalina will take care of the volumes?

Assuming you have a good backup, I would delete the existing volumes and reinstall.

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Agreed. Having 2 is the New Normal, but having 3 is definitely Not Right, so it would be good to start from scratch.

Done. It Worked. Thanks all!