Threema is OpenSource & 50 % off

I‘m using Threema since 2014 and slowly more of my contacts moved from WhasApp to Threema.

It’s a really nice Secure Messenger from Swiss. Just wanted to let you know.


I still prefer Signal over Threema.

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I only have WhatsApp installed because many ppl refuse to use one of the better alternatives.

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Same for me.
First time I only could chat with the Threema Echo Bot. Took time to convince some people.
Facebook buying WhatsApp gave a push.

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Isn’t Signal also owned by Facebook? I think WhatsApp is too

The problem with switching to a paid app is -so many people only care that SW is free, not its integrity. I’d go out on a limb buy Threema but have no one to chat with:).
everyone goes for the freebie.

I don’t think so?

Yes, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.