Thumb Drive Recognition

I forgot how to do this. I have certainly done it before.

Anyway, I have a couple of HooToo thumb drives. I am trying to migrate files from my iPad Air 3 to my MacBook Air M1 computer. On the computer side, everything is fine.

I cannot recall how to get the iPad Air to recognize the HooToo so I can transfer graphic files. Something called iPlugMate opened up and it’s never done that before.


I’ve never used this device but perhaps this will help:

iPlugMate Quick Guide (Note: PDF will download automatically)

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Thanks, Wayne. I was able to transfer files without using the app for two of the same device. I think it’d be much faster that way.

So I know now how to get the HooToo drive into my iPads /Iphone (thank you) but it is not recognizing either one where the files are. I was able to just drag them.
If you burn files to a CD can you still use the CD to add other files or is it sorta locked.

That depends on the type disc used. A CD-R can only be written to once. A CD-RW can be written to multiple times.

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I printed up the entire Plug-mate PDF. If I see a hard copy I am much more apt to comprehend better.

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