Thunderbolt & DisplayLink together in a Dock?

I tried doing some research but I couldn’t find my answer, so I thought I would differ to the expertise here.

I have a M2 Pro MacBook Pro 14" and my wife has an M1 MacBook Air. I have two identical Dell 24" 1080p displays in my home office. I’m looking for a docking station that I could use both Macs with that would maximize functionality for my MacBook Pro. Naturally, this would be a Thunderbolt 4 dock. However, when I’m not home, my wife would like to use the home office for her work and would like the convenience of dual displays. I know natively, that the M1 Mac only will support one external monitor. But I know this can be circumvented by getting a DisplayLink compatible dock and installing the DisplayLink driver on her Mac. My wife is not a power user and just simply wants the two screens to organize and work. She is not doing graphics or anything like that.

So my question is, is there a dock that exists that has Thunderbolt 4, but is also DisplayLink compatible?

Both of us are OK using Macs in clamshell mode if it means getting this setup to work with both computers.

Thanks in advance.