Ticketing system and sales pipeline software

Hello everyone. I’m starting a conversation with folks today about setting up a simple customer service ticketing system/helpdesk and sales pipeline workflow. I’d prefer one piece of software so that contact data is centralized, reporting and training easier.

What product recommendations do you have which you’ve used or heard good things about? Thank you

Customer Service and CRM/Sales are generally two distinct and separate offerings. However, ZenDesk comes to mind as a trusted provider that covers both areas.

ServiceNow is a recognized leader in Customer Service, IT Operations and general ticketing workflow solutions. Very powerful and nice to work with. Thinking it might be a bit too large for your needs at this time though.

Thank you @airwhale. Yes indeed Customer Service and CRM/Sales are two distinct and separate offerings. I have read about Zendesk and Service Now and they are amazing. I can understand what makes them leaders. What about others which are more svelte solutions? Are you familiar with others?

Perhaps Jira Service Desk, or adapt Jira Software (which covers more users at the free level).